Blueshift Media take the classic 80s arcade game DEFENDER and bring it right up to date

Blast and battle your way though wave after wave of aliens and bosses in this remake of the classic 80s game Defender.

A seriously challenging game that lets you select a ship to suit your play style from super fast fighters to heavy bombers. Build your own unique ship in your favourite 3D modeling software and have Blueshift add it to the ship roster for the rest of the world to use!

The color and art style used in Defender 3D are reminiscent of the newspaper articles and feared space ships landings of the American Mid west in the 1950s. The game play is tuned to perfection with flowing fast paced, edge of your seat action.

Dont get to used to who you are battling as new bosses and alien crafts will replace the current enemies on a monthly basis!

There are no hand outs here. You need to earn every reward! Seriously good fun and seriously great game play.